The Gambia is a very popular fishing holiday destination.  Fishing in the Gambia can produce a wide variety of fish species and is one of the best places in West Africa to try your arm at fishing abroad.

There are opportunities to fish on the sea, on the beach or on the river – in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Sport Fishing on the Atlantic inshore reefs & sandbars; River fishing in the beautiful and wildlife-rich creeks & bolongs; or beach fishing along some of Gambia’s beautiful unspoiled coastline.

You can target the giant tarpon, which can reach 150-300lb in the river estuary, or fish for the many other species the Gambia has to offer, such as barracudas, red snappers, captain fish, catfish, nine-bones, jacks, guitar fish, stingrays, cassava, grouper and butter fish. Up country in the freshwater reaches of the Gambia River tiger fish and a host of other species await you, including hard fighting species such as catfish, African pike, characins, threadfin salmon and many more.

The river and estuary are also host to dolphins, otters and even manatees, as well as the spectacular bird life that the Gambia is so renowned for. Up country there are hippos and baboons and unspoiled river habitats. So whilst you are catching amazing fish, you will be enjoying an amazing wildlife experience as well.

Swiss Boutique Hotel can advise or organise boat charters & guided fishing expeditions anywhere in the Gambia, using the best professional guides and fishing trips available in the country. Bring your own tackle or our partners can provide everything you need.

The freshwater regions of the river is a relatively underused fishing resource, but the journey and the experience of up country Gambia will stay with you for ever. In the heart of the Gambia, this very African setting is totally unspoiled and non-commercialised – a taste of the real Africa.

The Swiss Boutique Hotel is a haven of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, but a fishing trip will give you a wider experience of the wonderful beaches, rivers, wildlife and culture of the Gambian people.

For the relaxed pleasure angler who is looking for a leisurely day out, why not try a cruise on the river while catching the sun’s rays and enjoying the wildlife. For the serious angler: sea, beach and river fishing give the opportunity for large catches of amazing fish. Even night fishing is an option, when large specimens can be targeted – The Gambia has produced a number of world record fish. The Gambia also hosts a number of international angling competitions. So whether you are the competitive type, professional, interested amateur, or first timer, fishing in the Gambia has just what you want.

Typical fish sizes in the coastal waters of Gambia

  • Tarpon 20-300lbs
  • Snapper 5-110lbs
  • Grouper 5-10lbs
  • Guitar fish 10-90lbs
  • Thread fin salmon 5-70lbs
  • Jacks 5-50lbs
  • Cat fish 2-60lbs
  • Barracuda 5-70lbs
  • Rays 5-400lbs

Fishing in the Gambia Calendar

  • Reef fishing: All year
  • Beach fishing: All year
  • River fishing: All year
  • Blue water sport fishing: June to October
  • Targeting tarpon: May to August
  • Freshwater river fishing: December to May