The Gambia Beach Fishing Championship

Gambia fishing Competition
Swiss Boutique Hotel sponsors beach fishing competition

The 5th Edition of The Gambia Beach Fishing Championship organised by Fish The Gambia, in collaboration with The Gambia Tourism Board and other development partners, recently ended in The Gambia.

The four-day event was attended by both local and international participants, with the aim to boost the country’s tourism industry.

Speaking at a reception held at Green-Mbamba Bar and Restaurant, Anthony Tabal, a member of the organsing committee, who is also the Green-Tech Managing Director, said this was the 5th edition of the championship.

They deemed it necessary to organise this type of event to attract more tourists into the country, he said, adding that people should endeavour to contribute their quota toward the development of the tourism sector, to boost the country’s economy.

According to Mr Tabal, people should start doing their own thing by diversifying tourism, not only hotels and the beach, but by organising suck kinds of events that would attract tourists.

Rotarian Sainey Manneh, who expressed appreciation for using his resources in supporting such kinds of events in The Gambia.

He had been very supportive to sims freeplay hack The Gambia Tourism Board for quite a time, he went on, adding that he was satisfied with the way the event was organised, as it was very successful.

Mr Manneh called on all Gambians to contribute their quota towards the development of the tourism sector, so as to boost the country’s economy.

At the end of the four-day event, all the fourteen participants were given certificates; while the sponsors were also awarded a certificate of appreciation.

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